Archer's Club Member

Help Us Give Our Children 20/20 Vision In 2020

Because of your generosity, 2019 has been an extraordinary year for the Award-winning South

Fulton Arrow Youth Council.  We are so very grateful to have you as a member of our village.  

Please help us Finish the year strong and prepare for 2020 by raising $10,000.

Archer's Legacy Club Member

  • $5000 or more per year

  • Member of our Speakers Bureau

  • Mentoring agency through our Vanguard Project

  • Internship opportunities for our students

  • Serves 100+ students during our Summer Leadership Institute

  • Expand our school outreaches

Archer's Memorial Giving Member

  • $1,000 plus giving toward Juquan Khalil Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Sends students to college and/or innovative patents

  • Volunteer opportunities

Archer's Bullseye Giving Member

  • $100 (monthly commitment) for our monthly training

  • Member of the Speakers Bureau

  • Volunteer opportunities

Archer's Village Member

  • Any amount of giving

  • Volunteer opportunities

* To join the Archer's Club and to volunteer, please contact us at

* A special thanks to our Archer's Legacy Club members Greystone Power Foundation and United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.

4910 Jonesboro Rd. Building 500, Union City, GA 30291  |   770 312-1586

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