Why A Conservatory?

An engaging, structured, intentional, strategic and age appropriate learning environment that focuses on STEAM educational development - we are committed to  answering the question of "The Why" of each discipline through design application for global learning and leadership. 



Targeting our young leaders potential and changing the world. Early intervention training of our future workforce through our four rules of engagement

MIND - Critical thinking thought leadership
MOUTH - Advocacy and change leadership
HEART - Passionate pursuit of career pathway through focused leadership
HANDS - Service learning and servant leadership



    •    Daily classes for 6 weeks during the summer
    •    Parental Empowerment classes at least 4 times during the summer
    •    Fun


Committed and professional educators
Providing a platform for our young imagineers and visionaries
Communication excellence with parents
Operating at the speed of trust with all stakeholders (Truth, Relationship, Understanding, Stability, Tenacity)



Spark a love for learning during the summer months that will carry over into the regular academic school year.  Bridging, mobilizing and inspiring young leaders and their families towards a prosperous future.  BULLSEYE!!!