Combating Systemic Racism through Technology

How can high school students address systemic racism? By addressing the limitations and barriers caused by systems that make it harder for undeserved communities to rise above their current difficulties in life. By creating access to the information and supports that will help lift individuals to the next level of help that will make a difference in their lives. The South Fulton Arrow Youth Council’s Summer Institute scholars built a platform of well researched, curated resources that connect users to support in

  • education, for those looking to get GED, Technical school, grants, for non-traditional students of all ages, including those reentering the community from corrections

  • employment, for those looking to sharpen interview skills, resume building

  • wellness, for those looking for mental counseling, trauma and family and social support

  • economics, for those looking to gain more knowledge in financial literacy, beginners

  • technology, for those needing access to low cost tech and internet


The young scholars of our community are providing this resource to help directly address the policies and processes that have limited communities of color for far too long. The marches brought attention to the problems. Now we fight to even the playing field by equipping our communities to help themselves. Empowerment begins in our collective action to help each other.

Sept 30 @ 5PM

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