Mission: A mentorship program specifically targeting promising boys of color. We focus on building positive relationships provide socio-emotional training, literacy (e-readers for e-leaders) and changing the narrative by being tactically inclined and ready for mission success. This campaign is a supportive life skill enrichment program of Project Halt. Project Halt is an advocate program of the award-winning of The South Fulton Arrow Youth Council. Who are we targeting initially? 30 Middle school boys. How will we guarantee mission success? A team of trained and dedicated men who will serve as MENTORS to young boys. They are committed to bring our boys back at all cost while eliminating every known obstacle that undermines our mission.

The Leadership Bootcamp was a major success.  See what CBS News has to say about it here.

4910 Jonesboro Rd. Building 500, Union City, GA 30291

info@eagleseconomiccdc.org  |   770 312-1586

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