Project H.A.L.T.

In 2015, we launched Project Halt to stop the spiral of social decline by changing the narrative and creating an environment for maintaining positive habits. Through school partnerships, we target our middle and high school students from low to middle socio-economic households.  We are on the mission of stopping the habits that cause precipitous behavior. We are changing the lifestyle habits of these opportunity students to reduce the school related violence, attendant low graduation rates and limited opportunity for career success faced by those living in South Fulton County.  These issues will be mitigated by way of Project HALT. 

Our approach is to engage the youths through

●      regular connections in anti-violence training,

●      school rallies,

●      non-violence rallies (Play4Peace)

●      community debates and forums

●      group feedback sessions

●      gender specific sessions,

●      mentoring  (#gogetourboys),

●      parental engagement (for parents) and

●      individualized literacy support, 

●      individual counseling sessions

●      school staff professional development

The Project HALT intervention program targets student well-being and raises the life trajectory of these youth by improving their capacity to rise above their challenges and eventually take an active role in redesigning the socio-economic landscape of the South Fulton communities.  


Mission: A mentorship program specifically targeting promising boys of color. We focus on building positive relationships provide socio-emotional training, literacy (e-readers for e-leaders) and changing the narrative by being tactically inclined and ready for mission success. This campaign is a supportive life skill enrichment program of Project Halt. Project Halt is an advocate program of the award-winning of The South Fulton Arrow Youth Council. Who are we targeting initially? 30 Middle school boys. How will we guarantee mission success? A team of trained and dedicated men who will serve as MENTORS to young boys. They are committed to bring our boys back at all cost while eliminating every known obstacle that undermines our mission.

4910 Jonesboro Rd. Building 500, Union City, GA 30291  |   770 312-1586

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