Ambassadors on the move... Austin Jackson

October 28, 2016


We had the privilege of sitting down with one of the SFAYC's Ambassador Graduate students. This is what he said:


"I started the program about 4 years ago. I was entering high school, and it was the way I could see all the friends I missed seeing in school. It was more like a hangout spot for me. They put us through various team building activities and performances, the utmost team building activity because if someone's late or forgot their line, it was our job to fill in where they may have forgotten. From these performances, I not only got a very clear understanding of what audiences are looking for, but I learned, how powerful I was. Not only as a leader, but with my performing voice. As a matter of fact, all of us did. There were times where we walked out in front of thousands of people, and weren't nervous a bit, because the South Fulton Arrow Youth Council taught us how to use that power. With the Youth Council, I was awarded one of the top 20 Leaders in the State of Georgia. I released my book Takeoff: Seeing Beyond the Clouds to inspire other people like me to let their power out, and they will "Takeoff." I started my company the Takeoff Superstore that sells over 150 different products, and I thank the South Fulton Arrow Youth Council for it. They gave me the mentality needed for success. That mentality will always and forever make ANYONE a true success and allow them to "Hit the Bullseye!""


For more information on Takeoff click here:



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